May 18, 2024

Help your child deal with hormonal changes

By Bob Kisiki It gets to a point where hormones take over. It is just nature; we.


Train Your Child In Critical Thinking, Initiative

By Bob Kisiki Paula was unwell. She could barely get herself off the bed, yet she needed.


Let Children Face The Results Of Their Choices

By Bob Kisiki The A’level results were out, and Nambi’s son had passed with 16 points. Contrary.


You Should Be Your Children’s Friend

By Bob Kisiki We all need a friend. No, not the many hangers-on who cheer us on.


Help Children Know Their Community

By Bob Kisiki Edgar Stephen Egumbye and I grew up around the same time, in the same.


Sex Education: Why You Need To Tell Your Child

By Maureen Nakatudde Her friends encouraged her to get a boyfriend, but 14-year-old Shakira (not her real.