May 18, 2024

LDC Explains High Failure Rate Of Students

(This article was first published in the New Vision on June 9, 2021)

By Conan Businge

The high failure rate of students at the Law Development Centre (LDC) has been greatly attributed to challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning in third term and students not having been subjected to the pre-entry examinations, which were suspended in 2019.

Out of 1,522 students who sat examinations at LDC this academic year for a post-graduate diploma in legal practice, 89% did not pass.

The director of LDC, Frank Nigel Othembi, explained the poor performance compared to the last academic year.

“This is the first group of Bar Course students admitted without undergoing the pre-entry exam. A number of the students were unable to cope with the academic demands of the Bar Course,” he explained.

He added: “Globally, the Bar Course is demanding, gruelling and full-time. Some students did not give it due focus.”

Othembi also said there are challenges of managing large numbers as LDC clears ‘backlog’ of pre-entry students.

“We expect to admit and clear all ‘backlog’ students by the end of the 2021/22 academic year,” he said.

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