May 18, 2024

Education Expo: Aristoc Has Something For Everyone

(This article was first published in the New Vision on January 29, 2023)

By Eddie Ssejjoba

The Aristoc Booklex stall at the New Vision Education Expo is teeming with books and reading materials of all categories. 

There are books for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Also available are self-help books for ardent readers and dictionaries for young and mature readers. 

Catherine Murungi, Aristoc’s sales representative, says there is something for everyone. 

“For instance, we have a physics textbook that helps students answer questions and primary school textbooks that aid both teachers and learners in their learning and teaching journeys,” she says. 

According to Murungi, Aristoc, in partnership with the education ministry, provides question-and-answer books that students can read before sitting their exams so that they master the technique of answering questions correctly. 

“Cambridge workbooks for primary schools are a good resource for learners and teachers. We also have self-help books for stressed teenagers which can help them cope with daily pressures,” she adds.

There is a wide range of informative and self-help books on medical care, pediatrics and general wellness.  

Founded in 1991, Aristoc Booklex is Uganda’s leading bookstore. Their Acacia Mall branch has two sections; a gift shop and a book store, where shoppers can purchase the latest books, magazines, newspapers, graphic novels, games and unique gift items among others. 

The book store and gift shop caters for all age groups and gender, making it a one-stop destination for books, stationery and gift items.

Their books at the expo are going for handsome offers that you cannot afford to miss.  

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